December Nonprofit of the Month: Africa New Life



Africa New Life was founded by Rwandans Dr. Charles and Florence Mugisha, in Rwanda, 20 years ago. Their mission was to bring faith and hope to their impoverished fellow countrymen by providing holistic care to vulnerable children, access to education, leadership training and healthcare. The heart of the mission lies in educational sponsorship, because Africa New Life believes that with a high school education or a vocational equivalent, children in Rwanda have hope for the future.


Africa New Life's innovative partnership with churches, pastors, missionaries and local entities on the ground in Rwanda has powered their mission of sharing the doctrine of Christ through action. By focusing on a model of caring for the whole child, Africa New Life recognizes that, with educational sponsorship at the core of their work, children also need other key factors to succeed: growing faith, community development, and a healthy body.


The impact metrics speak for themselves:

  • Over 11,000 students have been sponsored
  • 550+ post-secondary students have been supported
  • 700+ students have been enrolled at Africa College of Theology
  • 1.5 million meals provided annually with millions more provided through COVID relief efforts
  • 2nd largest private hospital in Rwanda 

Both the Dream Medical Center and the Africa College of Theology were born of, and are sustained by, the incredible work done by Africa New Life.


The US offices, staff and board of Africa New Life, based in Portland, Oregon, exist to raise funds and generate excitement and enthusiasm by supporting donors and sponsors well in the US, in order to fund and promote the ministries of the staff in Rwanda.




Be sure to check out Africa New Life for yourself! Visit their website and give today!