Auctions and Mobile Bidding

Maximize your auction performance

Launch and manage an auction at your event with online tools and mobile bidding capabilities.

Auction Management

Create an auction for your event, manage auction items with minimum bids, bid steps, reserves, and Buy Now options. Print auction cards, pre-register your event attendees as bidders, and more...

Online Bidding

Anyone can bid on auction items by simply texting the item number, and completing a quick registration. Bidding on or purchasing items is managed via text messages with zero-friction management on your part.

Live Scorecard

Provide your event-goers with a real time scoreboard to track auction items and online bidding results. Project this scorecard during your event to energize attendees and create a better auction experience.

Maximize your auction fundraising

Simplify your silent auction tasks, provide a connected auction experience for attendees and maximize your fundraising

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Auctions & Mobile Bidding Features

Prepare and launch an auction within minutes

Create auction items with minimum bids, bid increments, reserves, and buy-now options

Publicize your auction and start accepting bids prior to event and build momentum

Print auction cards for physical placement at your event

Launch your auction and start accepting requests immediately

Guests can bid or purchase online

Guests can bid or purchase items by texting

You can optionally pre-register potential bidders

Display scorecard for real-time updates on auction items for your attendees

Complete your auction, auto-collect payments for winning bids and send receipts