Our Story and Mission
We began with a simple idea - to provide industry leading fundraising software to all nonprofits in one comprehensive solution and to make it free. We built BetterUnite to make life and work easier for mission-driven organizations. Rather than using multiple independent and costly fundraising software platforms, BetterUnite has created the very best of fundraising and donor management modules so that you can fund faster, all in one place. Simply put, we're your one-stop-shop for reaching your fundraising goals.


We have built BetterUnite in collaboration with nonprofit professionals from the start. As a matter of fact, our co-founders are made up of a development professional, who worked with small and mid-sized nonprofits, and a software architect, who built and refined enterprise-level CRM tools. Together, they created the first and only truly comprehensive fundraising platform built specifically for nonprofits, tying their company’s success and profitability to the success and profitability of the nonprofits they serve.


Working closely with partner nonprofit organizations in the beginning, starting in Austin, Texas and continuing around the country, the BetterUnite team has refined its fundraising modules and administrative tools to create a true software ecosystem that solves all of the modern nonprofits’ fundraising dilemmas - in one place, at no outset cost to the users.