Event Management

Contacts, supporters, or donors, BetterUnite provides core relationship management features. Easily import or export lists to leverage previous donors and new supporters.

Event Ticketing

Leverage your email marketing tools like ConstantContact, MailChimp and Emma. BetterUnite tightly integrates with these platforms to expand your toolkit.

Manage Attendees

Many streamlined methods for analyzing donations, donors, and campaigns. Charts, lists, and advanced querying to evaluate performance at multiple levels.

BetterUnite can help manage your fundraising event.

Your fundraising event may be at a physical location, but you can still maximize the impact of the event by using BetterUnite as the tool to manage it.

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Create an Event
Advertise your event online

Describe event details
Define your single or group tickets
Sell tickets or accept donations online

Manage Event
Start selling tickets online

Attendees can purchase and print tickets
Track attendance projections
Manage attendance sheets

Maximize attendance
Communicate effectively

Evaluate your event performance
Run events with targeted marketing
Stay connected with your network of donors


Event Management full feature set

Provide single or group ticket options

Accept donations for events in addition to ticket sales

Fundraising Teams (Others can sell tickets for your event)

Customizable email templates

Secure donation processing

Custom branding for your event page

Social platform integrations

Event ticket sales tracking and analysis

Event attendees and marketing lists support

Event marketing list import & export support

Event transactions export support

ConstantContact integrations for email marketing

MailChimp integrations for email marketing

Emma integrations for email marketing

Run multiple events simultaneously

Accept credit cards and pay by check

Separate event administration from funding administration

Fund processing platform with full industry standards

Support multiple bank accounts

Support for event specific funding accounts

Withdraw from your event funds anytime

Full funding & bank account management tools

Embedded donation support

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