6 Donor Retention Tips: Learn how to Keep your Donors



Here’s the thing, we all know that if someone makes a donation to your organization, it’s MUCH easier to keep that donor than to gain a whole new one. However, it’s also really easy to lose a donor too. We’ve created a list of 6 donor retention tips to help you keep your donors and build a strong, diverse, and generous donor base.  


1. Thank you Notes 

As often as humanly possible, send a handwritten thank you note. It may seem futile and you may not hear back. However, you will make your donor feel appreciated and seen. And you know what they say, a person may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. 


2. Birthday Cards

This is where having a good donor management system or CRM will come in clutch. If you find out someone’s birthday, keep track of it. Send them a birthday card with a handwritten note inside. Again, you want to make it personal so they know you care about them - just like they care about your cause.  


3. Easy & Meaningful Involvement 

An involved donor gives more but is also an advocate for your cause. Invite them to events. Invite them to volunteer. Ask if you can come and do a lunch and learn at their work. Give them options to get involved without always asking them for money.   




4. Give them Updates 

Update them on the happenings with your organization. Call your larger donors and thank them and explain how their donation had a direct impact. You can also send quarterly or monthly newsletters, post successes on social media and even send snail mail. Make sure they know what’s happening so they always feel connected.  


5. Listen 

If they give you feedback, listen and thank them even if it doesn’t feel great. Your donors may have some really useful tips or critiques that can make your organization better. It may be uncomfortable in the moment but it will pay off in the long run.  


6. Make the donation thing, the easy thing 

Don't hide your donation link! Be sure your donation link is on the front page of your website, in a lot of your social media posts, and in all of your electronic correspondence. Create a recurring giving program. Make it simple for them to donate every month automatically. Continue to reach out to your recurring donors and don’t just take them for granted once they sign up. 


We hope these 6 donor retention tips will help you keep those donors that you worked so hard to get. You are the bridge between your donors and the difference that they want to make, so make that bridge sturdy and constantly wider and wider.  


PS. Having a Donor Management system that integrates with your event management tools seamlessly will help you to keep a good record of giving during events and will make it easy for future events, campaigns, and asks. If you'd like to schedule a time for us to take you on a free demo of our system, you can sign up here