Ethical Prospect Development: How data privacy helps fundraisers

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ETHICAL PROSPECT DEVELOPMENT: How data privacy helps fundraisers.

P.I.I., data security, consumer privacy, are typically words that make you skip to the next article, but they're so important to fundriaising. At the heart of what we do as fundraisers is ethical behavior and trust. If donors can't trust us to manage their data and respect their privacy, how can they trust us to properly steward their hard-earned dollars. 

It’s a timely—and, yes, fun—discussion centered around how we manage the generosity of our donors while protecting their privacy and security, as well as that of our organizations. You’ll review data management, privacy and security legislation, diversity and inclusion, donor communication, legal and ethical implications, some real-world examples and case studies, and, yes—Lego.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the changing legal framework required for donor data storage, collection, and communication

  • Use best practices for data collection, storage, and usage

  • Do the right thing, both ethically and legally, to lead to the best fundraising outcomes with donors

About the Presenter: Ryan Woroniecki

Ryan leads Lighthouse Counsel's marketing efforts and helps clients with prospect development. He spent over a decade at DonorSearch, most recently as the VP of Strategic Partnerships. His team built an ecosystem of the top fundraising consultants and technology companies including Lighthouse Counsel. He helped shape The DonorSearch product, authored the company's first corporate giving program, and designed the integration of wealth screening data in CRMs used by thousands of nonprofits today. He advised hundreds of nonprofits on their use of prospect research, wealth screening, and prospect management practices.   

At Lighthouse Counsel he helps oversee content ensuring it's timely and of the greatest interest to members of the nonprofit community. He implemented Hubspot and has helped to overhaul the website. He is a sought-after speaker, having spoken at AFP ICON for APRA-INTL and many places across the country. He is currently pursuing his bachelor's degree at NC State. 

Ryan has served on the board of AFP-DC, APRA-MD, and The Giving Institute. Ryan currently fundraises for The Giving USA Foundation, one of his favorite organizations.  


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