Amply, formerly named DonateDouble, automates employee matching services to increase donations.


By signing up for this service, your campaigns will automatically provide an employee-matching option to your donors, and these donations will be automatically matched within the Amply platform, resulting in a simple and seamless employee matching experience for you.


Amply provides pricing options with no-monthly fees or commitments. You can find out more at


How do I enable Employee Matching?

You can initiate employee matching capability for your organization from within BetterUnite and start matching donations. Login to your BetterUnite account, go to Settings->Integrations->Amply, and click Enable to start your on boarding. Once you sign up within BetterUnite, you will receive instructions from Amply to complete your registration and start receiving funds.


What happens when I "Enable" Amply?

When you enable Amply, you will receive an instructional email at the email address you provide. Follow these instructions to complete your registration.


Once you are registered with Amply, a new section will appear in your donation pages that allow donors to provide their employment information. This information is automatically submitted and processed for employee matching with Amply.


How does a donation get matched?

When a donor is completing their check-out, they will get an option to select their employer information from a drop down list. This information is then automatically sent to Amply for matching. Once a match is found, the donor is sent a copy of the match-form for eSignature. Upon completion of this "handshake", the participating company will send a check directly to your organization.


What if the employer is not listed?

In this case, we still allow the donor to put in their employee information and we will submit this information to Amply. Amply will go through a validation to process to find out if the employer has a matching policy in place.


How long does it take to get matching payments?

It can take up to 30 days to receive matching donations.


Can I see matching requests and details?

The Amply dashboard will give you the ability to see detailed information about matching and non-matching donations, as well as the ability to set up notifications.


Can I opt-out once I opt-in?

Yes, simply click a link on your setup page to clear the connection. Note this does not cancel your Amply account, it simply removes the employee matching options from your donation pages within BetterUnite.