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CityLab Professional
MunchyFest: Where Every Bite Connects, Every Neighbor Meets, and Warmth is Served.
Thu, May 16 4:30 PM PT
to Thu, May 16 9:30 PM PT
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CityLab Professional
Family Movie Night is for parents and children to enjoy together
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one hour, one day, once a year. Whether you have just an hour to spare or are able to commit to a full day of service, your time and effort can help make a difference.
CityLab Professional
Volunteerism enhances reentry and stops recidivism. Provides insight, tools, support, partnerships, and funds for easy reintegration into local communities.
CityLab Professional
one hour, one day, once a year. Whether you have just an hour to spare or are able to commit to a full day of service, your time and effort can help make a difference.
CityLab Professional
CityLab Professional
Let's do some good...Together

About CityLab Professional

CityLab Professional isn't just a program; it's a movement, a transformative methodology that nurtures triple-win relationships, ensuring success for all partners involved.

Our Achievements:

  • Coalition of Success: With you we are forging relationships with over 100 employers, laying the foundation for our triumph.
  • Pandemic Resilience: Despite challenges, we trained more than 100 students during the pandemic, proving our dedication.
  • Engaging Sessions: We've conducted 48+ live and recorded sessions, fostering learning and growth.
  • Empowering Students: We demonstrated the ability to educate, employ, and house a student for 90 days at $18.00/hr - a testament to our commitment.

What Sets Us Apart: CityLab Professional partners engage in a relational contract driven by outcome-based economics. We focus on Technical Education Certification and local Employment Opportunities, bolstered by mortgage-backed affordable housing initiatives. Our approach not only fosters collaboration but also sparks innovation, leading to transformation, enhanced services, and reduced costs.

The Network Systems Specialist's Role: In today's digital landscape, adaptability is key. CityLab Professional empowers Network Systems Specialists through apprenticeships, providing essential skills for thriving in this ever-changing environment.

Join the Movement: Every era is defined by its game-changers, those who challenge norms and redefine possibilities. CityLab Professional is on a mission to reshape reality. We aim to elevate impoverished families, providing them with living wages, healthcare, and educational opportunities. By reinventing existing systems, we're building a future where communities thrive from within.

Be the Change: You have the power to transform lives and communities. Stay informed, be inspired, and be among the first to join the CityLab Professional family. Sign up now and embark on a journey where your efforts shape a brighter tomorrow.

Explore Our Vision: CityLab Professional presents seven innovative ideas, including pathways to Network Systems Specialist careers and accessible technology in homes. Together, let's build a future where opportunities are boundless and communities flourish.


$20Community Interest Fund

A $20.00 sponsorship allows us to ensure your gifts go to support the most pressing community needs and the most effective solutions, however, they may change over time. 

$125Books as fundamental tools

You get to add your name or honor a person in your life with a book plate of encouragement and hope.

Books keep giving as long as there is a reader, this is our most generous gift to others, knowledge. Our books are the exact same material that the student will find in our online courses. 

With the same ability, in the end, to take the certification exam and submit scores for certification is truly a game-changer.

$300Getting Parents and Children together

Really want to give back? Spend an hour with us, get familiar with the program, and be in close proximity to solutions that make a difference in everyone's lives. This can be on Microsoft Teams, or in some cases in person (see step to the line).  In all cases, you come away with a mentoring experience like no other.

$700Step to the Line a personal experience

A Citylab Professional that aims to provoke a shift in the viewer's eyes about prisoners, the prison system, and themselves.  This involves one day of activity in close proximity to our students and program.  Requires that you meet the requirements for entry.

$2,500Reversing the damage of no employment

Help us deliver a class for 12 weeks that covers the basics of ICT, and not only advance education, but you get to have coffee with a potential new hire.

This sponsorship requires that you or your representative engage with the student to assist in mentoring