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CityLab Professional is a hybrid business model, movement, and methodology that enables true triple (win-win-win) relationships in which ALL Partners are invested in each other's success.


We offer a variety of courses that are Online free and in person, all you need to do is provide for your tools and study materials.


Live Santa Clara County Program
(Introduction to Cyber Security)
(Introduction to IoT)    
(IoT Spanish)
(Packet Tracer)
(Packet Tracer Mobile)
(Get Connected) 


CityLab Professional partners are invested in a relational contract with an outcome-based economic model focused on Technical Education Certification, Local Employment Opportunities from Certification, with support for mortgage-backed affordable housing to realize community growth.


When applied, our approach fosters a highly collaborative environment that sparks innovation, resulting in transformation, improved service, and reduced costs. 


By signing up you receive 

  • A tour of our facility.
  • Complete a volunteer application.
  • An interview with program staff.
  • An opportunity to complete a DOJ Background Clearance.
  • Volunteer training.
  1.  I understand that I may be invited to participate either individually or as a company. If as a company we will participate and pursue a goal that 50% of my apprentices will have some form of criminal background history, be from underrepresented populations, including women, communities of color, individuals with disabilities, youth (ages 16 -25), and veterans.
  2. I understand that I can invite my organization to actively participate in the cohort activities identified in the Opportunity Announcement
  3. I understand that if my organization participates we will report information on program development progress and aggregate apprentice demographics on the CityLab Professional Apprenticeship Platform.


Membership Plans

Peer Mentor $5.00/mo

You agree to volunteer at least an hour during one of our 12-week sessions each year.

Peer mentoring is a relationship between people who are at the same career stage or age, in which one person has more experience than the other in a particular domain and can provide support as well as knowledge and skills transfer. Peer mentoring may be a one-on-one relationship or experienced in a group.

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Audio Support $5.00/mo

Volunteering at CityLab Professional enables you to achieve close proximity to solving big problems, with simple helping us distribute study material with audio recordings

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Champion $11.00/mo

Become a Champion and help us grow month by month. And help us reach 100 new members.

  • Access to our monthly newsletter
  • Early Access to our weekly podcast (coming soon with your support!)
  • Opportunities to mentor through our community forum
  • Early Access to the entire Super Saturday Weekend
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Day in the Life $100.00/mo

Each dollar represents one hour of service. This level rewards members with a Civic Citation

Choose to "step to the line" with our students, or "meet the ladies" at the bee hives, you get all the features of the basic membership, plus exclusive behind the scenes content that we leave out in our live shows, and broadcasts, this takes you deeper in to the vision, mission, and scope of our efforts.

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