The Big Ask Give Volunteer Program

one hour, one day, once a year. Whether you have just an hour to spare or are able to commit to a full day of service, your time and effort can help make a difference.

The Big Ask Give is a special day of service organized by Citylab Professional on October 21, 2023. Citylab Professional is a volunteer-based organization that works to improve personal growth and family and community development through technical education, local employment opportunities, and affordable housing solutions.

Our motto is "one hour, one day, once a year," and we are calling on all volunteers to join us and make a positive impact in their community by participating in the Big Ask Give. Whether you have just an hour to spare or are able to commit to a full day of service, your time and effort can help make a difference in addressing the issues that are important to you and your community. Let's do some good and make a lasting impact together.

Background and Big Ask

Inherent Knowledge Public Benefit Company and CityLab Professional are organizations that trade in goods or services and link that trade to a social mission. The need to deliver on financial, social, and environmental performance targets is often referred to as having a triple bottom line.

As in CityLab Professional, it could be that the profit (or surplus) from the business is used to support related or unrelated social aims (as in Goodwill Industries), or that the business itself accomplishes the social aim through its operation, say through the employment of people from a disadvantaged community including individuals and existing business who have difficulty in securing home loans from banks and mainstream lenders.

CityLab Professional brings local employment and affordable housing to Bayarea employees in technical education for communications and information technology while helping students fulfill 600 -2000 hours of training to become a Cisco certified technician, enabling future homeownership.

Our training focus is on future jobs related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and computer-coding-related careers provided through our Cisco Network Academy.

Proposed agenda for a 90-minute Networking Event:

30 minutes of networking with small food and local merchant introductions

30-minute educational presentation followed by a

15-minute Question & Answer

15 minutes of networking for whoever wants to stick around





Help us get to our next goal!
Coffee and Donut Fund
The First big stretch is to celebrate the hour with Coffee and Donuts and lots of warm feedback!

Opportunities to Serve

The One Hour Editor

Spend an hour with us to help us build content for our program that can reach audiences in different languages. Our current content is static, but we want to keep it up-to-date and relevant.

We have a diverse group of students, including those who are learning English as a second language and those who are hearing impaired.

By working together, we can create engaging and accessible materials that benefit all of our students.

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The One Hour Social Media Maverick

As a one hour social media maverick, you will help us reach more communities with educational content that motivates individuals to understand the role of technology in economic development. As a well-read volunteer, you will provide deep insight on relevant subjects and bring relevant content to the forefront of our learning process.

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The One Hour Cold Caller

We are seeking a proactive individual to make outbound calls to employers who may not be aware of the opportunity to hire individuals from our community. Your efforts will help connect these employers with our organization, where they can volunteer their time and resources to make a positive impact. By reaching out to these companies, you will be helping to create employment opportunities for members of our community.

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The One Hour Reader

We are in need of a volunteer to assist us by reading our materials out loud into a computer microphone. Once a chapter is recorded, the audio can be distributed to the class. This is a valuable opportunity to make a significant impact on our learning process.

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The One Hour Site Safety Volunteer

We are seeking a One Hour Site Safety Volunteer, including contractors, to join our team and help ensure the safety of our work sites.

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Background photo by Tim Mossholder / Unsplash