Thu, November 18, 2021

The Big Ask Give Volunteer Program

Why I give my time to help broken families is based on a lived experience, and a desire to navigate others around similar circumstances.  Watch our short eight-minute video, on what success we have experienced and highlights our thoughts and focus...I hope you enjoy and will consider volunteering.



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Coffee and Donut Fund
The First big stretch is to celebrate the hour with Coffee and Donuts and lots of warm feedback!

Opportunities to Serve

The One Hour Editor

Spend an hour with us, and help us build content for our program that can reach audiences in different languages. We have static content that we use, however; with an ever-changing world, we could use help with the current things to talk about. 

We spend a lot of time speaking in English, we have students where this is a second language that they are learning and several hearing-impaired students as well.

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The One Hour Social Media Maverick

Help us reach out to more communities with the content that we create to educate and motivate individuals to seek a better understanding of how basic technology plays a role in economic development. 

We are looking for a well-read volunteer that can take us deep on subjects, and bring content that is related to the program to the forefront of our learning process.

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The One Hour Cold Caller

We need to reach employers who are willing to employ but just are unaware of the opportunity to do so.  This means that we need someone to make outbound calls and ask those companies to return here and volunteer time.

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The One Hour Reader

We need help reading the material out loud into a computer microphone, really.  If a chapter is read, and there are not many available, we can distribute the audio after class.  This could be a game changer position!

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The One Hour Site Safety Volunteer

We are called on the help with SMARTER Home technology and we need a professional who is familiar with the odd little things no one knows to come and hang out with us and share your wisdom.  Contractors welcome

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