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Wed, April 06, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PT

Hyatt Regency Seattle - Elwha Ballroom
808 Howell Street
Seattle, WA 98101

Celebrating 10 years of community mobilization to end child sex trafficking.

Registration for our luncheon is now closed. Please contact our event administrators for registration assistance. 

Jen Motes 


Event Overview

StolenYouth’s annual Not On Our Watch Luncheon is one of Seattle’s most inspiring and successful fundraisers. This one-hour event is geared toward educating the community about child sex trafficking locally and galvanizing them to stand up and say, “Not on our watch, and not in our state.” Since its inception 10 years ago, StolenYouth has raised over $8 million to fight the sexual exploitation of children and youth. 


Our Mission

More than 600 children are trafficked for sex in our own backyard. This inconceivable crime is stealing life, hope and opportunity from our kids. Our mission is to end child sex trafficking in Washington state. We believe no child deserves to be bought or sold and every victim of exploitation deserves compassion, access to services, and a way out when they wish to leave “the life.” Our coalition model unites direct services, policy development, advocacy, education, and community awareness initiatives to disrupt the entire system of exploitation. By funneling funding into direct service non-profits, we ensure that the most critical needs are being met. From prevention and demand reduction to survivor support services, each non-profit we fund targets a different, but vital aspect of combatting child sex trafficking. 


Join Us in Celebrating 10 years of StolenYouth!

With your support and the hard work of our coalition partners, we are preventing child sex trafficking, connecting vulnerable youth to services, and restoring positive and productive lives. We hope you will join us as we celebrate 10 years of work together!


You can host your own table, become an event sponsor, register as a guest or host a virtual fundraising campaign. However you choose to support, you’ll be helping to propel real and lasting change in Washington, a state where the spirit of giving thrives – and our children matter most.



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If you are unable to attend the event but would like to participate in the online auction, use this ticket to participate. This will not register you for the luncheon on April 6. 

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