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Christian Resource Center
You can help create financial stability and bring families to wholeness by supporting the Christian Resource Center.  Together we offer hope for the whole family!
Christian Resource Center
Connecting people to Jesus Christ through meeting their physical and spiritual needs.
Christian Resource Center
Share the joy of Christmas by serving at the Christmas Store where families will purchase new gifts for $1, $3, $5, $10, taking stress out of the holiday season.

About Christian Resource Center



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Our vision is to equip and empower individuals and families, regardless of race, sex, spiritual background or ethnicity to be self-sustainable and spiritually restored.  Our highest vision of success is when people who have received services become self-supporting and give back to the community. 

CRC exists to...  

  • Connect the body of Christ together to more effectively meet the daily spiritual and physical needs of families as we share our resources and skills and form genuine relationships between our member ministries and with the families we serve. 
  • Support our member organizations through shared space, shared resources and help raise community awareness of the services that are provided on our campus. 

A success story:  Janie is a 17-year-old high school student who was bullied out of school. She got pressed into the wrong crowd, became pregnant and was looking for a way out of the downward spiral of her life. She was referred to one of our member ministries, Nineveh, for a mentor. Janie began to thrive and grow hopeful in the positive, encouraging atmosphere of their weekly gatherings for teens. She and her mom also visited Reveal Resource Center where they received food to help stretch their tight budget.

Janie was referred to another Christian Resource Center member ministry on the Twin Lakes campus, Life Bridge Job Corps. She was received with the same love and personal care as she began working on her GED. Within 6 months Janie completed the GED, got a part-time job and enrolled in a nursing program. She and her young son's lives have been dramatically changed through the partnership of the ministries that are working together through the Christian Resource Center.

Will you help us the Christian Resource Center at Twin Lakes as we support the many life-changing ministry partners on our campus? Your donation will be stretched and multiplied to have great impact.



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