Hope for the Whole Family

You can help create financial stability & bring families to wholeness & sustainability by supporting our Member Ministries. They provide free services that assist families.



We are a network of ministries, churches and individuals working together for the restoration of families.

The purpose of Christian Resource Center is to network and support ministries, churches, businesses and individuals to work together to demonstrate and proclaim the Gospel for all people by addressing real needs.


Just one of our many success stories.....

Janie is a 17-year-old high school student who was bullied out of school. She got pressed into the wrong crowd, became pregnant and was looking for a way out of the downward spiral of her life. She was referred to one of our member ministries, Nineveh, for a mentor. Janie began to thrive and grow hopeful in the positive, encouraging atmosphere of their weekly gatherings for teens.

Janie was referred to another Christian Resource Center member ministry on the Twin Lakes campus, Life Bridge Job Corps. She was received with the same love and personal care as she began working on her GED. Within 6 months Janie completed the GED, got a part-time job and enrolled in a nursing program. She and her young son's lives have been dramatically changed through the partnership of the ministries that are working together through the Christian Resource Center.


Please help the Christian Resource Center as we support the many life-changing ministry partners on our campus? Your donation will be stretched and multiplied to have great impact.




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