Your sustained support of Austin Recovery's work will help save lives.


Sustained access to recovery support services is the only answer for youth and their families struggling with substance use. A substance use disorder is a chronic illness that must be treated.

Early intervention saves lives, futures, families and communities.


Austin Recovery has brought together two youth-serving programs:

University High School and Keystone Alternative Peer Group.

Together, we are re-imagining what recovery support services can look like for adolescents.


Make a monthly commitment to this work so that we can build a movement that:

1. Identifies and treat substance use disorder early - among adolescents and young adults

2. Creates an ecosystem of wraparound recovery support services

3. Is affordable and available to anyone who needs it, regardless.





Membership Plans

$6 Monthly Sustainer
$18 Monthly Sustainer
$48 Monthly Sustainer
$100 Monthly Sustainer


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