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What does your donation provide? 

$25 - With your $25 donation, we can take our teens out for a special treat. We provide a safe space for teens to hang out and fellowship on Monday and Thursday nights. 

$50 - Your $50 donation can help keep our art room full of supplies. We love doing art at both programs. We strive to teach as many coping skills as possible; art is one coping skill our teens LOVE. 

$100 - Your $100 donation will help UHS cover the costs of our Friday Fill-ups. Every Friday at University High School, we go off campus at 12:30 and have fun. We go out to eat and then do an activity in the community, whether it be a trip to the Bob Bullock, the trampoline park, or doing art in the ally; your donations make these activities possible. 

$500 - With your $500 donation, we can engage in activities including paddle boarding, laser tag, paintballing, and more. These activities show teens how to have fun during sobriety. The weekend activities at Keystone Austin allow teens to explore Austin and all it offers while staying sober. 

$2,000 - With your $2,000 donation, you will provide a full scholarship for one month for a teen in need. University High School has never turned a student away and it is because of donations like yours. 


University High School

Austin's only recovery high school provides students in recovery with a safe, sober high school experience. Students receive high-quality academics complimented by wrap-around recovery support services, including daily process and life-skills groups, brief crisis interventions, and individual emotional support that empowers them to engage in their recovery and education fully. No student has ever been turned away for financial reasons.


Keystone Austin

Austin's largest youth recovery community engages teens in meaningful activities that promote healthy recovery and build social connections. Activities, such as support groups, social activities, and robust family programs, are offered when teens are at the highest risk for substance use. Keystone provides long-lasting support and success to adolescents and their families. 


Help us make miracles happen!  



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