3 Prizes Worth nearly $100,000... purchase tickets NOW!

BIG NEWS!!! Reach For The Stars 501(c)(3) is part of Jim Clicks CHARITY raffle.... NOW these prizes are NO JOKE. The drawing for these 3 (plus a possible Bonus) is just a months away! Stock up on tons of tickets... Raffle ends 10Dec, drawing is right before Christmas on 17Dec (live by Jim Click, Mr Tucson himself). Get your tickets NOW and support your local charity (RFTS, 100%). WAY better ODDS than the LOTTERY! WhooHOO!

Raffle tickets 5 for $100 or $25 ea

💵3rd PRIZE) $5,000
🎫2nd PRIZE) 2 First Class Tickets Anywhere 
🚘GRAND PRIZE) Badlands Ford Bronco Sport with upgrades (or trade)
💵(BONUS PRIZE) dependent on how much is raised! 

100% of your purchase ticket $$ goes to our CHARITY Programs. WIN-WIN! Your money goes right back into the community and economy immediately. 

This is NOT a ticket: Please email us at RFTstarsorg@gmail.com the following information so we can send you your actual ticket stub:

 Name, email, phone # & address 


Jim Click

$25 One Ticket

This is only the purchase, please email RFTstarsorg@gmail.com to receive your ticket stub. Send us your name, email address, phone number and address. 

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$100 5 For $100

This is just an purchase, to receive your ticket stub please email us at RFTstarsorg@gmail.com with your address, email, phone number and name. Thank you!

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