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Reach For The Stars
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Mon, February 28 4:00 AM MT
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Reach For The Stars
Eating is a necessity, not a want. Every $0.90 will provide a complete meal. Light up a child's night, or a mothers darkness by providing hope and kindness with a meal... or 2!
Reach For The Stars 501(c)3 charity needs a larger space to expand client production. Lets ensure the needs of the clients are met. Give Today!
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Reach For The Stars
Join our team and help us to bring light into the dark areas of the world.
Reach For The Stars
Level 1 $25 per month! Combat teen suicide and anxiety by giving a small monthly donation? This pledge will help RFTS go from a small flicker to a “Sparkle” of hope.
Reach For The Stars
Join the Asteroid membership today for $50/month. This would provide a quality telescope to a kid each month allowing them to cope with their trauma.
Reach For The Stars
LEVEL-4 benefits: be a BRIGHT illuminating STAR in our Community. $100/month would sponsor 1 child for the entire month to be educated, fed, and given vital social-emotional skills
Reach For The Stars
Give $200+: This is a HUGE Blessing to multiple youth & allows for the success of the charity: The nonprofit can only give to our youth through those that give. Your the backbone!
Reach For The Stars
Level 3 membership! $75/month Spark a light in someone’s darkness All perks of 1& 2! BOD Q& A. Extra JC ticket (limited)

About Reach For The Stars

Giving Options

$84Individual Donation

Covers 1 child for an entire MONTH or a Telescope for a child's birthday wish. 

$152Duo Donation

Examples: Covers an entire MONTH of meals for a Family of 2; a child struggling with an illness or can Cover 2 telescopes for children & a full homeless backpack filled with homeless outreach items. 

$227The Trio

Covers meals at the observatory (once we have it) for an Entire MONTH for 3 children. Or snacks while children are in school.

$303Most Common Star in the Sky

Most of our families we serve are families of 4. This covers them for an Entire MONTH of meals. Mom whos husband left her unexpectantly, Dad got arrested, Dad lost his job, Mom (or Dad) has a severe unexpected illness causing them to have to stay home needing care, or child taking care of their parents and is struggling with mental health and the family needs food.  Or cover 7 telescopes to inspire our youth. 

$530Seven Heaven

Provide for 7 children with a sense of peace & serenity through the use of a free telescope. Or Provide the homeless with hygiene and seasonal products. Bring heaven to them. Or help youth volunteer by Covering meals for a family of 7 for an entire MONTH. Situations include but are not limited to: Single mother, Blended Family, Ilness in the family, Father or Mother left unexpectanly (or passed away), grandmother taking care of grandchildren.

$1,000The Shooting Star

Cover Star party equipment to educate and inspire our youth, free telescopes for children all year or 56 backpacks for our homeless outreach program where are youth volunteer. Help the communities wishes come true while teaching vital life skills! Covers meals for 1 individual for an Entire Year. Every single meal! 3x/day, 7days a week for 365. A homeless soul, a child or a senior citizen. Make their wish upon a shooting star come true. 

$3,600The Comet

Cover a scholarship for a local child in the area to attend the Community Stargazing Classes and Volunteer camp all year overcoming stress, anxiety, trauma and learning vital life skills! This amount can also cover meals for a Family of 4 for an ENTIRE YEAR... every single MEAL. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner... 3x/day, 7 days a week, for 365 days. Could be a single mother or father, a widow, or a parent with a illness or disability. Be their comet and light up their sky. Can also cover 200 homeless backpacks filled with necessities. Skies the limit!

$6,300Be their Galaxy

Cover 3 scholarship entries, or 144 free telescopes to children struggling with suicidal thoughts, anxiety, self doubt... lets turn THREE lives around by giving them the expierence of "AWE" proven to improve their mental health and well-being. This amount would bring hope, inspire creativity, reduce stress and change lives. 




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