Activism Activators!

The Activist Activators cohort is a group of adult leaders trained on, and directly involved in, the rise of youth organizing in Texas. With your monthly donation, we will ensure your knowledge to heal and organize our state is on par with our youth- better ideologically uniting youth with elders who too, are ready for a revolution in justice and healing!

By signing up to be a Youth Rise Texas Activism Activator, you gain access to-

  • Bimonthly Healing Justice Workshops- curious about ancestral healing and elevating your care for yourself and your community? It starts here
  • Monthly Political Education- In-person monthly political education sessions about organizing history.! (+ Food!)
  • Networking and staff chat- Network with other caring community members, and gain server access to a chat with staff for questions!
  • Certifications!- Be Youth Rise Social justice Storyteller and Organizer certified by the end of each fiscal year upon completion of political education quota! Boost your LinkedIn and Resume with Youth Rise Texas! 

$25/month $8/month for University students with verifiable institution email!


Youth Rise Texas Youth Rise Texas Austin, TX 512-843-2319
Nonprofit Organization Donations Tax Deductible