Volunteer sign up and management essentials all in one platform.

Create unlimited sign-up pages, manage volunteer shift and track volunteer activity.

Improve your volunteer engagement with BetterUnite.

Whether for a specific fundraising event or for general volunteer needs, use BetterUnite to improve your capabilities, insight and management.

Volunteer Sign Up

Create unlimited, customized volunteer signup pages for general volunteer organization or link volunteer pages to specific events. Collect information about your volunteers.

Volunteer Events

Build volunteer event management with support for multi-shift and multi-day activities. Appeal to your volunteers and provide opportunities for donations.

Volunteer Shifts

Track volunteer-assigned jobs and hours, schedule your volunteers, report on volunteer participation for boards or grantors, and check-in volunteers on-site all in one place.

Volunteer Jobs

Define specific volunteer activities, assign activities to shifts and track volunteers.

Waivers & Signatures

Create your unique documentation content for waivers, disclaimers or other content. Collect and track signatures from attendees online or during event check-in.

Reporting & Analytics

Utilize built-in reporting and analytics, or define your own reporting to track and analyze volunteer activity and metrics

We’re happy to walk you through our industry-leading nonprofit software.

From day one, we’ve worked directly with our customers to understand their needs and provide a complete software solution made just for nonprofits.

See It in Action

Sign up volunteers.

  • Unlimited, fully customizable volunteer signup pages
  • Create volunteer jobs and schedule within each shift
  • Volunteer scheduling across multiple days

Manage and Track Volunteer Activity.

  • Track and manage volunteer attendance
  • Obtain waiver signatures from each volunteer as they signup
  • Using built-in calendar tool, view, edit and create volunteer hours and shifts and manage volunteer event sessions
  • Assign volunteers to different teams at your event

Report on volunteer activity.

  • Run reports on volunteer activity, organization wide or on a per event basis
  • View and manage volunteer activity on the contact profile
  • Tag volunteers within your CRM by activity

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