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University High School was founded by concerned parents, researchers, community leaders and others dedicated to helping teens remain in recovery from the disease of addiction. UHS opened in August, 2014 and is the only recovery high school in Central Texas. Learn more about the school and the lives it has changed.  We are grateful for having been a part of Ryan's journey.  


Ryan had a quiet and gentle way about him, a quick but stealth sense of humor, and a great smile that always lit up the room. Ryan would do anything for anyone and believed strongly in second chances, and he tried to make each conversation a positive experience for the other person. Always uplifting and encouraging, Ryan had an other-worldly talent to make others feel special and truly heard. He never passed judgment and had a forgiving spirit and was committed to holding a safe and loving space for others even while he was carrying struggles of his own. With his perfectly luminous smile and friendly sense of humor, Ryan was a bright beacon of hope, courage, and goodness to all those around him. His sweet, vibrant laugh will echo in our hearts forever, and the memory of his bright smile, quick wit, and caring and sensitive spirit will never be forgotten.



The mission of UHS is to empower each of its students to fulfill his or her personal and academic potential within a supportive recovery environment.  University High School engages teens and their families on the journey of recovery by providing a safe, sober, and academically rigorous high school experience that incorporates 12 step recovery support.  UHS provides high quality, accredited academics that includes dual-credit courses and credit recovery.  Our school utilizes a blended learning model that incorporates both highly qualified teachers and one-to-one technology to meet each student’s individual academic needs.