$10,973 raised

Honor someone you know.

Those that have contributed to the fight against substance use disorder in ways great and small deserve to be honored - and University High School is committed to doing just that.

Addiction is a ravaging and devastating disease, one that destroys human lives, families and communities. We have lost many to its cruel hands and we would like to honor their memory. At the same time, we would like to honor those that have stood in the path of the disease of addiction as a family member of someone afflicted, a mentor, a sponsor, a teacher or one of the many ways that our heroes are showing up.

Participants in the Honor Giving Program are asked to commit to a 3 year, $1,000 per year donation to University High School, in honor of the work that UHS is doing to provide a safe and sober refuge for teenagers and emerging adults as they move into a life of recovery.

For this donation, they will receive a GRATITUDE bracelet in sterling silver. The inside of the cuff bracelet will be engraved with the name or names of those being honored.


Giving Options

$3,000 One-time Donation
$1,000 Annual Donation
$84 Monthly Donation
Make a monthly donation for the next three years
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