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Tue, September 21 4:00 PM ET
to Sat, October 30 8:30 PM ET

Attic Salt Theatre
2002 Riverside Drive Suite 42-O
Asheville, NC 28804

This session will have opportunities to act, direct, write/adapt and design your own 10 min film short! We will be looking at Classic horror and tropes theough the lens of comedy. Looking at films like Shawn of the dead, Dead and Breakfast, Tucker and Dale vs Evil and Cabin in the woods, that blend fear with comedy.


We will have 10 (10min) slots open for those who want to write/direct/film - you can form teams, work solo - you don't have to direct if you don't want to - there is room allotted for some to just be actors.


We may have seminars with professionals or experts in things like adapting scripts, filming, editing, consuming, directing, design, horror, comedic timing etc ( you can let us know if there is something specific you want to see!)


Rehearsals/classes will begin Sept 21st, after the first two weeks they will be flexible depending on the directors need to film. Scheduled rehearsals are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4:00-6:00pm and Saturday 11-2 at Attic Salt Theatre. 


Screenings will be Friday, October 29 and Saturday, October 30 at 6pm at Attic Salt with a possible live Q&A with cast and crew afterward.

Ages - 13 to 18


Limit 20 Participants ( must have minimum of 10)

Cost – $200 per person (partial scholarships available) Checks, Cash and online pay available. 


$200 Student Registration
$175 Sibling Registration
Free Registration with Offline Payment
Free Registration w/ Scholarship Application


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