Advocates for Women in Music Music Series and International Radio Show #liftingwomensvoices #collaborationovercompetition is an alliance of Women creative visionaries coming together to form a musical coalition that believe in a safer, kinder world for women artists to be heard. We nurture humanity not vanity. We are advocates for women in music. Our team sponsors Women driven songwriting festival stages at music conferences, festivals, community non-profit events, grants and educational opportunities. 

Formed out of a passion project, lifting women's voices, we are a proud 501C3 non-profit organization founded and operated by seasoned women musicians who selflessly give their time and resources as a labor of love for music and their community.

We give Micro-Road-Grants to "Troubadoras." Women artists that are regularly touring need a little exra. We dont want you sleeping on the side of the road!

We also give a Grant to a Woman artist, The "Womanifest Award." The recipient must be working on a new project or has one completed. They are a woman who embody tenacity, talent, compassion for her peers and community outreach. This grant has no bearing on popularity whatsoever. Just a beautiful soul making beautiful music lifting the voice of change and kindness in her community.

Micro-Prodution-Grants  One on one mentorship with one of our seasoned performers, sound engineers, or programmers. A safe platform  for an enthuiastic woman to learn the BASICS  of home recordig and production to start the journey of demos & podcasting.

Your support allows us to keep our people safe, inspired, and heard. Your support helps us to support others. 

We provide a safe platform to lift the gender disparity in airplay and the industry. Tune into our international radio show for music and interviews with nothing but independent women artists, singer song-writers and rock n’ rollers.Where the ladies are drivin' the bus! Hosted by Penny Jo Pullus Art-ivist, Singer Songwriter, Producer, D.J, Girl Scout.

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Look for us at FAI, AMA, SWRFA, SXSW out on the great blue highway!

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