Temple Sinai
Alber's Chapel 2808 Summit Street
Oakland, CA 94609

"Let us feed your soul through song and movement!"


"Let us feed your soul through song and movement!" 

Using Jewish chant and yoga, we will connect our bodies and minds to our breath and soul through musical chant and motion. Please come dressed in comfortable clothes. No prior yoga or chanting experience necessary. Offered by Cantor Ilene Keys and Temple Sinai member, Robin Spiegelman.

Robin Spiegelman has been involved in the wellness community for many years. She is the founder of YogiWellFed and works with groups and individuals to improve their health and well-being by teaching food, nutrition and movement through the principles of yoga and an Ayurvedic lifestyle. She is a certified nutritionist, Yoga instructor, and longtime chef instructor. Robin and her family joined the Temple Sinai community in 2022. 

There will be two sessions. Sunday 4/23 and Sunday 5/7.



Temple Sinai Oakland Cantor Keys haznkeys@oaklandsinai.org Oakland, CA 510-451-3263