Sat, December 16, 2023

Temple Sinai, Double Classroom 315-317

Come join Steve Goldstein as he leads a monthly Jewish Guided Meditation session in cultivating middot (attributes) such as gratitude, loving kindness, joy, forgiveness/self-forgiveness, and compassion. All are welcome, both experienced meditators and those who are new to meditation.


You are welcome to come to one or all the sessions. Each class is a stand-alone session.


We will be meeting on the third Shabbat morning of the month from 9:00AM-9:45AM.

All Program Dates

December 16, 2023

Our first meditation session will be based on a “grounding” practice, which facilitates the ability to find strength and stability amid chaos, crisis, and internal/external strife. An Israeli meditation center, Or HaLev, is currently teaching this practice throughout Israel.

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