Welcome to the mini-course and scholarship fundraiser.

 You Must Tell Your Story. In this course, you will be taught:

  • How to understand the impact and power of your story.
  • The answer to the Why Sharing Your Story Matters.
  • How to decide which life challenge to turn into your life-changing message.
  • How to lay the framework of your story by using the list of guiding questions to ask yourself when preparing to write it.
  • How to choose the most impactful story by completing a small workbook in the form of a blueprint. 

 You will also be encouraged by the testimonial of one of our newest speaker and author.

For a limited time, this mini-course and a complimentary one-hour consultation with me are only $57.00. A portion of our sales will be donated to the Powerful Journey Scholarship fund.

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$57 You Must Tell Your Story: Mini-Course

 Unlock the Power of Your Narrative: "You Must Tell Your Story" Mini-Course! 

Unleash your story while being on a transformative journey through our exclusive mini-course, "You Must Tell Your Story." 

🎤 Unleash Your Voice: Craft a narrative that captivates and resonates.
🚀 Ignite Personal Growth: Transform your experiences into powerful narratives.

Why settle for mediocrity when you can become the author of your own compelling story?

🎁 Bonus: Personalized feedback on your storytelling journey. A one-hour session with Author, Coach and Founder of the Powerful Journey & Writers' Journey- Phyllis Jenkins

Don't miss this opportunity to reshape your narrative and inspire others! Click the link below to enroll and embark on a storytelling adventure that will leave an indelible mark. 🌠

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Don't take your story to the grave. Seize the chance to be the storyteller of your own story. Let your narrative unfold with the "You Must Tell Your Story" mini-course!  #UnlockYourPotential

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