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Sat, May 01 8:00 AM PT
to Sun, July 18 11:45 PM PT


Caring adults championing together to create a network to support youth with love, hope, safety and peace.

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising racial tensions throughout the country, our youth and allies need PARTI Program’s support more than ever. This recognition would help support thousands of students of color with a strong and proven youth development program addressing safety, equity, and anti-violence, helping to build conflict-free environments that address diversity, inclusion for safer school climates and participation in anti-racial civic engagement. PARTI Program is contributing to a fare, equitable, and anti-racist America that is collaborating with local community leaders and connecting them to the incredible youth that will help change the future of our country.


Your participation and contribution will empower 5,000 to produce 70 service projects to reach youth in California, Oregon, Washington, and Texas. Our primary impact will be felt in Santa Clara County, The Bay Area and California.


The mission of the P.A.R.T.I. Program (Positive Alternative Recreation Teambuilding Impact) is to promote education around youth healthy lifestyles and healthy decision making. Please visit our website at

We want the next generation to imagine their bright future…
– to be in a safe environment
– to develop their individuality
– to be treated fairly and justly
– to be supported and handled with kindness
– to be encouraged emotionally and intellectually
– to be empowered to realize their full potential

We welcome your support of the mission of the PARTI Program.

Through our collective efforts, many young people from the communities that are underserved will experience the growth that comes from participating in programs that will challenge them and give them the skills to make positive choices in their lives. Thank you for investing in our most precious asset, today’s youth.

Giving Levels

$100 Youth Safety

Your donation of $100 will support a one on one session with a youth who is experiencing trauma, depression or anxiety. We will support the youth by listening to their voice, we will help them create and action plan to feel safe and empowered, and we will follow up with them at minimum of 3 times within 30 days.

You will receiveVIP invitations to PARTI hosted netwrk events, be included in monthly program and organization email updates, and we will donate in your name to support 1 child during Global Giving. 

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$500 Youth Service

Your donation will support 25 youth who have participated in PARTI Program activities lead 1 service project in their city, community or school. We will send you videos and/or photos of your impact and the total amount of people your contribution impacted. 

Your donation will also support 1 child who is dealing with trauma, depression or conflict, with access of support. 

You will be recognized by receiving 2 VIP access to all PARTI events for 2 years, as well as updates on our program activities via email. 


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$2,500 Youth Impact

Your donation will support 5 school and/or programs in service. Your impact will reach 100 youth in leading and engaging in 1 service project.  Your donation will also support youth safety by supporting youth who are facing trauma, depression, or anxiety. It will help PARTI create a action plan for that child and we will be able to follow up and support th youth in need. 


You will receive emails, follow ups and you will be offered VIP access for 2 to our program activities and events. You will be listed as an honorary host for 1 of our youth service projects and for a segment of our youth led events.

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$5,000 Positive Sponsorship

Support PARTI youth development and training activities, to impact communities, schools and cities. Your donation and/or sponsorship will support 100 youth participate in a quarter of PARTI Program activities, engage and impact 500 youth, and provide a recognition and pro-social activity for youth participants. 

You will receive sponsorship recognition, 5  VIP guest invitations to a Youth Led Special Event and/or activity. You will also receive 2 vip invitations to our business professional event hosted by PARTI Program.

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$10,000 ART Sponsor

Your donation will impact 1,000 youth in service and/or programming for 1 semester. You will be listed as a Program Sponsor for 1 of our Program Activities listed below. You can find brief information about each program on our website.

Alternative: High Imoact 

Recreation :Leadership

Teambuilding: Fusion  (performing and visual arts. 

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$25,000 Celebrity Sponsor "New"

Celebrity Sponsorship allows your company or brand to be recognized as the presenting sponsor fo a Celebrity Appearance and/or performance at a PARTI event. 

Your contributuion will recognize you as a organization sponsor for all PARTI youth programs, youth, youth led activities, and business professional events that support youth.

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$50,000 Impact Sponsor

Your sponsorship will support PARTI Program program activities, youth led stop the violence and bullying prevention projects and recognition events, it will also impact 5,000 youth in programming and service and 10,000 youth and families in opportunities through our partnerships and collaborations.

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