We're fighting for our Texas Families, our Friends, Neighbors, loved ones and You!


Mothers Against Greg Abbott State PAC is a bipartisan, diverse group of Texans who are ready to work together for change for Texas.  We know that change isn’t going to come from meeting in the middle.  While we don’t agree on every topic, we all agree that we need change in Texas in 2022. Republicans have been in charge for 26 years, but have forgotten to care for Texas families. We want Texas families and communities to thrive again.


It's going to take all of us to vote out the extreme Republicans and make sure we have elected representatives who don't forget they work for us and not corporations.  We are creating political ads, marketing materials, and saving democracy!


While we may not agree on everything, we all agree that Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton need to go in order to Make Texas about Texans again!  




Mothers Against Greg Abbott PAC MothersAgainst Greg Abbott mothersagainstgabbott@gmail.com Austin, TX 5127105289 http://www.mothersagainstgregabbott.com