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About Latinitas

Latinitas provides culturally relevant and bilingual STEAM based curriculum to students across central Texas and around the nation. The mission is to empower students to innovate through media and tech. Latinitas has a vision to create courageous leaders. Latinitas serves the community through STEAM education, career exploration, and the advancement of digitial equity.


Join us TODAY in helping empower girls throughout Central Texas through our STEAM-based curriculum of clubs, camps, and conferences! - By helping our girls find their voices, Latinitas prepares them for a lifetime of self-advocacy and cultural pride!


Latinitas' Mission: Empower all students to innovate through media and technology.

Latinitas' Vision: Create courageous leaders.

We are a non-profit 501c(3) organization focused on empowering girls and all students to innovate through media and technology. We offer a variety of opportunities for girls to discover their voice, develop media and technology skills and build a solid foundation for their future.


Through after-school clubs, camps, and conferences, plus our publications and media channels, we provide a space, both physical and online, for girls to express themselves, develop their skills, learn about their culture and discover their unique voice.

Giving Options

$25STEAM Education Advocate
$50Career Exploration Compañero
$75Digital Equity Visionary
$100Bilingual Programs Partner
$200Mentorship Mariposa
$500Lifelong Learner Legacy




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