Help Female Founders get the Business Model Validation and Investment Readiness skills, resources, and network they need to take their startups to the next level!

From Dani Pascarella in Startup Accelerators Hold The Keys To Gender Equity In Tech (Forbes):

"We not only need accelerators to accept more women, we also need more organizations that support female founders throughout their entrepreneurial journey. ... If accelerators accept more women-led companies and female founders have access to organizations that support them at each stage, then ‘what could be’ is more gender equity in technology."


Furthermore. The World Bank Group reports that a growing body of evidence backs how investing in women can have exponential impact in transforming local and global markets.


FF-START is designed to help female founders take their startups to the next level. From Business Model Validation to Investment Readiness, FF-START provides early-stage women entrepreneurs with a step-by-step methodology to rapidly and systematically validate their business model, and to understand the fundraising process while putting in place the elements they need to get their venture ready for funding and investor capital. We want women-led startups to attract as much investor capital as necessary, so we take no equity from participants to help them maintain as much ownership in their companies as possible. Instead, we charge a small fee to ensure accessibility and accountability, and offer them the opportunity to continue incubating their startup at Impact Hub Houston -- or to graduate into other locally- and nationally-recognized accelerator programs -- to help them continue getting the support they need as they progress to later stages.


You can play an important role in impacting Houston's economy by helping women entrepreneurs access the education, community and support they need to validate their ideas and launch high-potential businesses. Invest in emerging female founders: Contribute to ff-start!



$50,000 FFounding Sponsor
By underwriting the full FF-START program, you will be recognized as a Founding Sponsor in all marketing and materials for FF-START and ensure that, together, we can build a more inclusive and equitable innovation ecosystem by providing a pre-accelerator program designed for women entrepreneurs!
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$25,000 FF-START Business Model Validation
By underwriting the FF-START Business Model Valuation program, you will be recognized as an FF-START Sponsor in all marketing and collateral for this module.
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$25,000 FF-START Investment Readiness
By underwriting the FF-START Investment Readiness program, you will be recognized as an FF-START Sponsor in all marketing and collateral for this module.
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$10,000 FFunder+ : FF-START "Pitch Her"
Sponsor the FF-START Pitch Day and gain recognition in all marketing for the event, plus access to diverse dealflow by connecting with our cohort of vetted female-founded startups!
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$2,500 FFunder
Your contribution offers you access to diverse dealflow by connecting you with our cohort of vetted Female Founded Startups!
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