Pastor Cedric White is one of the most cutting-edge teachers from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Minister White is masterful at "object lessons" which not only leave you with an understanding of the Word but also a "picture which becomes engrained in your spirit." His unique demonstration style of illustrations grasps the listener and holds their attention while equipping them with life changing tools and ideas to better, not only their marriages, but also relationships in general.

In his book, 4Ts for your Heart, he uses four simple-yet seldom used in this contemporary society-principles to help individuals and couples to clearly see and evaluate who they are individually as well as who they are considering becoming involved with. This informative book takes the reader through the very scenario used by the Creator of the universe in preparing for an eternal relationship. It illustrates how God takes His time in preparation for companionship and shows that we should purposely do the same.

A simple blueprint is given that will lead you to more life satisfying connections with the preferred positive conclusions. 

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