About Fresh Chefs Society

Fresh Chefs began with a simple idea of sharing a meal with young people in foster care.  Food restriction and hunger are all to common for this population.  Over the years we developed robust programming to empower the young adults we serve.  They learn to cook - for themselves and others.  They learn to work in the food industry - and beyond.  And they are supported to create a life they own and value through food.


We're creative, effective and so grateful for your support.  Every dollar makes a difference!


Giving Options

General Support - any $ amount
$150Kitchen Start Up Kit
Kitchen kits are for chefs moving into their own place so they have a fully stocked kitchen with knives, pots, pans, utensils and more
$250Uniform, Permit & 1 month wages
Each Apprentice needs a food handler's permit. We provide the training, permit and make sure our chefs look professional. Each chef is paid for their time in the program
$5002 Group Cooking Classes + Meal
We bring chefs to a group home and teach a simple cooking lesson for a meal on a budget. Then we share that meal together.
$1,0001 Apprentice Chef's Wages
Apprentice Chefs are paid $10/hr for all training and work at events. We pay our chefs to honor their commitment, help them understand their value and create a positive association with work.
$2,500All the Food!
Every Fresh Chef activity includes a shared meal. We make sure all lessons are hands-on and need lots of food to chop, saute and try.
$5,500Funds 1 Apprentice Chef
This covers wages, uniform, supplies, food & ingredients, permits, instruction and complete Kitchen Kit upon graduation.



Non-Profit Donations Tax Deductible