Explore Austin Quest for the Summit
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Fri, May 07, 2021
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM CT
$29,100 raised of $50,000 goal
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Let's raise support for connecting 300 youth to nature, peers, and caring, adult mentors!

Explore Austin's Quest for the Summit 2021 is back in micro-event fashion! On May 7th, hosts across Austin and the U.S. will be gathering in celebration and support of the 300 youth and 100 volunteer Mentors in the program. Even if you are not at a micro-event, you can still help move the mission of Explore Austin forward by bidding on our auction items or donating to the mission.

Your support will go to support 300 youth and 100 volunteer Mentors in the Explore Austin program learn leadership and outdoor skills while connecting with and building community too. Now more than ever, we know community matters, nature matters, and empowering youth to take on tomorrow matters. Jude said it best about the impact of Explore Austin on her: "Nature can bring you and other people together." Let's join her in breathing life into other Explorer stories too!




Giving Levels

$5,000 One Team's Saturday Challenges

$5,000 supports one full year of Saturday Challenges for one team of 12 youth Explorers and 3 Mentors. Your gift includes support of the gear that Explorers and Mentors need, their transportation, meals, and any park fees.

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$2,500 Mountain Bikes for a Team

At $2,500, your gift supplies the mountain bikes needed for a team of 12 youth Explorers and 3 Mentors. Each summer, teams tackle a 60-mile point to point adventure in Colorado and ride all over the trails of Austin during the school year.

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$1,500 Explore Curriculum for an Explorer

At $1,500, you support one youth Explorer all year long! Your gift helps cover the costs of Saturday Challenges, gear, travel, and food.

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$500 A Full Year of Meals

At $500, you can provide a full year of meals for one youth Explorer giving needed nourishment and energy to climb mountains, paddle rivers, and trek across valleys. 

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$250 Gear for an Explorer

At $250, you can provide gear like hiking boots, helmets, rain coats, fleeces, and more for a youth Explorer in the program. You can help keep youth safe while they adventure!

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Any Amount

We are grateful for any donation size you choose! Your gift will support the 300 youth and 100 volunteer Mentors in our Program. Thank you!

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