Mon, October 04, 2021

Colorado Springs, CO

Welcome to our Sweet 16 Party as we celebrate 16 years of finding small dogs their forever homes. Silent auction Oct. 4 - 9. Live auction Sat. Oct. 9 starting at 7:30 pm

Welcome to the Chihuahua-Small Dog Rescue Sweet 16 Party.  For over 16 years we have been rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming over 3000 Chihuahuas and other small dogs.  

Because we believe in providing them with the best medical attention and the best living conditions, all of the dogs we rescue are first placed in loving, experienced and temporary foster homes.

Another facet of our rescue is our commitment to educating the general public as to the proper care and treatment of their canine companions in the hopes of reducing the number of small dogs being neglected or abused.

Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue, Inc., is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, whose passion has no price and whose dedication knows no bounds. We are a safe haven for the homeless and the abandoned, the injured and the ill, the senior and the special needs.  

The funds we raise this year will go toward the medical expenses of the dogs we rescue.  They will cover such things as vaccines, spays and neuters, microchipping,dental care, and major and minor surgeries.


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Giving Levels

$10 Puppy Level

For just $10, buys:

2 rabies shots

10 collars

10 leashes

5 bottles of doggie shampoo

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Just $25 will buy:

5 rabies shots

1 dog grooming

25 collars

25 leashes

12 bottles od doggie shampoo

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$52 Gold Level

For just $52 a year, just $1 a week buys:

! spay or neuter

10 rabies shots

2 dog groomings

50 collars

50 leashes

25 bottles of doggie shampoo

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$100 Century Level

Just $100 buys:

2 Spays or Neuters

10 Rabies shots

20 Parvo/Distemper Shots

12 Heartworm tests

Complete dental for 1 Dog

Heartworm prevention for 20 Dogs

Sub-! fluids for 2 de-hydrated dogs

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$260 Diamond Level

For $260 a year, just $5 a week buys:

5 Spay or Neuters

26 Rabies Shots

52 Parvo/Distemper Shots

30 Heartworm Tests

Complete dentals for 3 Dogs

Heartworm prevention for 45 dogs

Sub-Q fluids for 5 de-hydrated dogs

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$520 Platinum Level

$520 a year, just $10 a week buys:

1 Luxating  Patella Surgery

1 Visit to the Emergency Room

10 X-Rays

Helps Repair a broken Leg

1 Hip Surgery

10 Spays or Neuters

1 C-Section for Difficult Delivery

150 Microchips

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