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Sat, July 01 6:00 AM CT
to Tue, July 30 6:00 PM CT

700-C West Pecan St.
Pflugerville, TX 78660


What began as a birthday event has turned into an ongoing fundraising CRAZE! 


HOW does it work? 

Each participant trades a paper clip for a NON-FOOD ITEM more valuable than a paper clip, then trades that item for something more valuable. Then trades THAT item for something more valuable. And so on and so on.  

​ *All items will be collected and sold via online auction.. and all proceeds go to feed kids in the area who don’t have food when away from their school campus. 


Rules Of The Game

  1. Competition between multiple groups and families!

  2. Play anytime and on your own. Each group can choose to do the fundraiser over a weekend, over a 1-2 week period, or throughout a whole month.

  3. Everyone in attendance receives ONE medium-sized paper clip. 

  4. Each player takes their paper clip and trades up their paper clip for a NON-FOOD item more valuable than their paper clip. For example, Johnny takes his paper clip to his parent and says, “We’re in a contest to see who can raise the most money for Backpack Friends. What will you give me for this paper clip?” Let’s say Mom gives Johnny a coffee mug… then Johnny takes the mug to his dad for a trade. Dad takes the mug and donates a toaster. Johnny takes the toaster to his neighbor or small group leader and asks for something in trade and receives an iPad… or a TV… (We've literally had students trade up over a weekend and come back with cars and motorcycles and trailers!)

  5. Backpack Friends will store items in our warehouse and post them online for Virtual Auction!

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