Heroes Wanted.

Choose your items! Mix and match however you'd like-- knowing that your generous donation is being used to bring hope and nutrition to children who need it most! 


Each month we're supporting THOUSANDS of kids with weekend food items in central Texas. Can YOU help? 


We fiercely believe that leadership isn't about being in charge. 


It's about caring for those in your charge. 


That's why we've partnered with some amazing companies and co-ops (and other nonprofits like SnakPak4Kids!) to lock arms and leverage our buying power to make sure we're stretching our dollars as far as they can possibly go! 


By donating through our link, you can help us make the greatest impact possible by helping us purchase food items at a cost lower than anywhere available!




Giving Options

$10 Cereal Items

Assorted Cereals

Our price: $0.21/ea. (Every $10 purchases 48 units)

*Amazon: $1.59

*Costco: $0.99

*Walmart: $1.28

*H.E.B.: $1.32

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$10 Quaker Granola Bars

Quaker Granola Bars - $0.22 each. ($10 purchases 45 units.)

*Amazon: $0.29

*Costco: $0.21

*Walmart: $0 .23

*H.E.B.: $0.26

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$10 GoGo Squeez Applesauce

GoGo Squeeze Applesauce: $0.43 ea. ($10 purchases 23 units.)

*Costco: $0.70

*Walmart: $0.65

*H.E.B: $0.61

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$10 Jack Links Chicken Bites

Jack Links Chicken Bites: $0.67 ea. ($10 purchases 15 units)

*Costco: not available

*H.E.B: not available

*Walmart: not available

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$10 Jif-To-Go (1.5 0z)

Jif-To-Go Cups (1.5oz): $0.33 ea ($10 purchases 30 units.)

Costco: not available

H.E.B.: $0.38

Walmart: $0.37

Amazon: $0.41

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$10 Hiland Dairy Chocolate Milk

Hiland Dairy Chocolate Milk: $0.54 ea. ($10 purchases 18 units.)

*Picture representative of actual product.

Costco: $0.91

H.E.B.: $1.16

Walmart: $1.12

Amazon: not available

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$10 Sunflower Kernels

Sunflower Kernels: $0.25 ea. ($10 purchases 40 units.)

H.E.B.: Not Available

Costco: Not Available

Walmart: Not Available

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$10 Gatorade Zero

Gatorade Zero: $0.56 ($10 purchases 18 units.)

*Walmart: $0.57

*Costco: $0.67

*H.E.B.: $0.68

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$10 Goldfish Crackers

Goldfish Crackers: $0.31 ea ($10 purchases 32 units.)

*H.E.B.: $0.68

*Walmart: $0.33

*Costco: $0.57

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$10 Cheez-Itz

Cheez-Itz: $0.22 ea ($10 purchases 45 units).

*H.E.B.: $0.50

*Costco: $0.40

*Walmart: $0.47

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$10 Plastic Bags

Plastic 'shopping type' Bags (t-shirt bags): $0.02 ea ($10 purchases 500)

Amazon: $0.06 

Walmart: Not Available

H.E.B.: Not Available

Costco: Not Available

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Nonprofit Organization Donations Tax Deductible
Background photo by Sincerely Media null / Unsplash