Impactivist Team

Our Impactivist Team is the backbone of our organization.

Our Impactivist Team is the backbone of our organization. This select group of world-changers understands our vision: Our goal is to be able to dedicate 100% of every dollar that come through general donations to the purchase and delivery of food for children.




Impactivists understand that in order to do that, we MUST have dedicated funds to sustain our operating costs, just like every impactful organization.

When you join our Impactivist Team, your monthly support of our mission enables the hands and feet that get the job done. Your support of administrative costs is what makes it possible to build a thriving program that daily changes lives. Without you, Backpack Friends is just a dream. And a dream without execution is hallucination.

We all know horror stories of organizations who've mismanaged money. People who've lined their pockets on the backs of good people who placed their trust in their mission. Those kind of scenarios make me ill. That's why I'm personally committing our organization to the kind of transparency and availability that you can believe in.

With your support, we're able to keep moving forward, wiping out weekend hunger in vulnerable communities, and delivering hope to children. The 'business' side of the organization can continue, and we keep moving ever closer to the world we all want to live in.

Join here now. And if you'd like more detailed information, call me directly at 512-965-3052 or email me at any time.

Tom Cottar


Giving Options

$50Level 1
$75Level 2
$100Level 3
$150Level 4
$200Level 5
$250Level 6
$500Level 7
$1,000Level 8
$1,500Level 9
$2,000Level 10


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