Can your gift change a life? You bet it can!

We're SO excited to launch our Friends & Family Campaign where ANYONE can participate!


Think about it... there are 7.7 Billion people on our planet. If only 1000 people could give just $10 a month, we can raise enough money to deliver an additional 24,000 backpacks of food to hungry kids in a year!


For as little as $10/month.


Some of you can give $20, $30, $50... even $100 a month or more. But almost all of us can spare $10.


So, once YOU sign up, we're asking you to show your LEADERSHIP by sending this link to at least 5 friends or family members asking them to participate as well. Why? Because leadership isn't about being in charge. It's about caring for those in your charge.


Can you spare $10 to help us feed children who won't have enough to eat this weekend?

Giving Options

$10 Friends and Family
$20 Leader
$30 Pacesetter (Bronze Level)
$40 Rockstar
$60 Hero (Silver Level)
$100 SUPERHERO (Gold Level)
$200 World-Changer #1 (Platinum Level)
$300 World-Changer #2 (Platinum Plus Level)
$500 World-Changer #3
$1,000 Corporate Partner
$1,500 Corporate Advocate
$2,000 Corporate Advocate
$3,499 Corporate Pacesetter
$5,000 Corporate Champion
$10,000 Corporate World-Changer
$995 Special Donation


Nonprofit Organization Donations Tax Deductible