Friends and Family

Can your gift change a life? You bet it can!

We're SO excited to launch our $10 Friends & Family Campaign! Think about it... there are 7.7 Billion people on our planet. Yet, we're ONLY looking for 1000 of them.


If we can find 1000 people in our world who will give just $10 a month, we can raise enough money to deliver 24,000 backpacks of food to hungry kids in a year!


For only $10/month.


Some of you can give $20, $30, $50... even $100 a month or more. But almost all of us can spare $10.


So, once YOU sign up, we're asking you to show your LEADERSHIP by sending this link to at least 5 friends or family members asking them to participate as well. Why? Because leadership isn't about being in charge. It's about caring for those in your charge.


Can you spare $10 to help us feed children who won't have enough to eat this weekend?

Giving Options

$10Friends and Family
$30Pacesetter (Bronze Level)
$60Hero (Silver Level)
$100SUPERHERO (Gold Level)
$200World-Changer #1 (Platinum Level)
$300World-Changer #2 (Platinum Plus Level)
$500World-Changer #3
$1,000World-Changer $4


Non-Profit Donations Tax Deductible