Let's change the world together.


Join the work. As a member of ACLC, you gain access to training and opportunities to:



  • Be a legal observer at public demonstrations to curb police misconduct.


  • Collaborate with the Eviction Solidary Network to reduce evictions and embolden renters.


  • Lead a house meeting, a foundational tool for community organizing.



Help us help your neighbors.


  • Five Silver Members help us fight two extra evictions a year.


  • Five Gold Members help us secure two extra family violence protective orders a year.


  • Five Platinum Members help a parent to leave an abusive relationship without being separated from their children.


  • Five Diamond Members make it possible to file a new civil rights lawsuit every year.


Making a difference is as easy as raising your hand.





Membership Plans

Member: Silver

$10 a month.

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Member: Gold

$30 a month.

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Member: Platinum

$50 a month.

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Member: Diamond

$100 a month.

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Nonprofit Organization Donations Tax Deductible