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Sat, September 23, 2023
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM PT

Animal Rescue Foundation
2890 Mitchell Drive
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Thank you to everyone who made our 20th annual Wine & Whiskers event an evening to remember!

Explore ARF like never before at Wandering Wine & Whiskers, with an immersive rescue experience. You will step into a world filled with discovery, compassion, heartwarming encounters, and the chance to make a real difference in the lives of beloved animals. 

Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned ticket holder, all guests (ages 21+) will enjoy our traditional, favorite activities of local food and beverage tastings, silent auction bidding, and the pièce de résistance: furry friend encounters. 

You won't want to miss this extraordinary adventure!

Adorable Animals

Get a bit of loving from our therapy animal teams — the Pet Hug Pack® — as well as super-cute shelter animals!


Delicious Flavors

Featuring nibbles, wine, beer, and craft cocktails from a dozen local businesses.


Exciting Prizes

Win a mystery bottle of wine or test your skill at the collar toss! Not to mention the incredible auction items available!


And Our New "Rescue Path" Experience

Follow the route our animals take from rescue to adoption — with surprises along the way!

What We Really Need

$50 Keep Pets With Their Families

Donate directly to ARF's Pet SafetyNet program to help prevent at-risk pets from being surrendered. For pet guardians who face the heartbreaking decision of relinquishing their pets due to financial crisis or personal struggles, ARF is there to help. ARF Pet Safety Net assists Contra Costa County residents who want to keep their beloved pets.

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$250 Raised
$50 ARF Emergency Medical Fund®

The ARF Emergency Medical Fund® helps families with animals in need of veterinary care during a financial crisis.

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$350 Raised
$20 Microchip Scanner

Microchip scanners are used by ARF's clinic team to check shelter guests, strays, and surgical appointments prior to implanting a new microchip at time of surgery. These scanners often help reunite a lost animal with their family.

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$50 Fuel for Rescue Runs

Support ARF through a donation directly to our rescue efforts by helping to gas-up ARF's rescue vehicles, which travel througout California to save animals who are running out of time in public shelters or need evacuation from areas impacted by disaster.

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$150 Raised
$100 Spay/Neuter Vouchers

Spaying and neutering addresses the pet overpopulation crisis, while preventing health and behavior problems, and relieving pressure on overburdened animal shelters. Each $50 voucher you sponsor will help a pet guardian pay for this important surgery so they are able to keep their pet healthy and sage without the worry of an accidental litter.

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$300 Raised
$15 NuturaCalm 24/7 Pheromone Collars

These collars help to relax stress and anxiety in dogs and cats by releasing calming pheromones. Adjusting to a new enviornment can be scary for animals, and we want to make them as comfortable as possible!

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$75 Raised
$20 Treat Pouches

All of ARF’s dog training is done via positive reinforcement methods — which means lots of treats! Treat pouches are the best accessory for ARF's Animal Care & Behavior team to keep treats at their side so they can quickly reward good behavior.

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$100 Raised
$25 Bully Stick Chews

Bully sticks are a single-ingredient, easily-digestible chew treat made from beef muscle. They are perfect for statisfying a dog's natural need to chew, and can also be used for crate training.

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$25 Raised
$30 Food Puzzle Toys

Enriching food dispensing toys to keep animals entertained. Food puzzles are a great way to provide mental stimulation and enrichment, as well as helping to reduce overeating, encourage slower eating, and prevent obesity. And when certain pups or adult dogs are on exercise restrictions, it keeps them occupied.

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$30 Raised
$25 Pet and Vets Dog Harnesses

Every Veteran who adopts a dog through the Pets and Vets psychiatric service dog program is provided with a no-pull harness for their new battle buddy. This harness helps reduce pulling and gets the dog used to wearing gear, so when they begin training it will be an easy transition to wearing a service dog vest.

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$200 Raised
$15 Pets and Vets Training Treats

The Pets and Vets program goes through a lot of different kinds of treats to keep the dogs engaged while in class. Help keep them well-stocked!

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$130 Mirapet Stacking Foldable Cat Crates

These safe and secure enclosures will give cats comfortable temporary housing and allow our rescue team to optimize available space to bring as many cats as possible back to the shelter.

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$260 Raised
$25 Snuggle Buddies

Snuggle buddies are sent home with individual pups or kittens that need to go out to foster. It makes them less anxious and helps them not feel alone, allowing an overall smooth transition. A battery-powered heartbeat can be inserted to help comfort them.

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$75 Raised
$30 Nylabones

Nylabones keep dogs of all ages entertained and promote clean teeth.

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$15 Litter Boxes and Scoopers

Litter boxes and scoopers are provided to all foster families who take in kittens and cats. Litter boxes are used very frequently, and multiple kitties require multiple boxes. Low-sided litter boxes are especially needed to allow easier access for smaller kittens.

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$10 Enrichment/Training Treats for Fosters

Make lots of dogs and cats happy by helping us stock up on treats! They can be a reward for good behavior and allow for a smooth transition into a foster home. Dogs who are also food motivated learn better when instructed with treats. 

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$10 Small Weight Scales

Small scales, like those for food, are perfect for weighing kittens to make sure they continue healthy weight gain with their foster families.

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$45 Miracle Nipples for Kittens

Perfect for very young kittens who need extra food supplements.

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$45 Raised
$250 Training Gift Certificates

Providing additional support and resources for ARF-adopted canines who need extra training classes to ensure healthy bonding with their human companions.

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$10 "Adopt Me" Bandana

ARF adoptable animals are the stars whenever they are out in public and these vibrant accessories will showcase their adoptability!

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$40 Raised
$16 "Adopt Me" Leash

ARF adoptable animals are the stars whenever they are out in public and these vibrant accessories will showcase their adoptability!

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$128 Raised
$10 "Adopt Me" Collar

ARF adoptable animals are the stars whenever they are out in public and these vibrant accessories will showcase their adoptability!

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$100 Raised
$43 Nulo Squeezeable Meal Topper

Nulo squeezeable treats are a purr-fect reward for felines as they develop a strong bond with their human companions. They are great as a standalone reward or delicious bowl topper, and high in moisture to support hydration.

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$85 Dog DNA Kits

Knowing a shelter guest's breed make-up is especially important when speaking to potential adopters about long term canine residents. It gives us a better understanding of their behavior tendencies and any potential health challenges that they may face in the future.

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$85 Raised
$200 iPad/Tablet for Adoptions

Help ARF's adoption team become more efficient in their efforts to pair adoptable animals with their new families with some additional tech! Need: 2

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$200 Raised


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