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MCC Music and Theatre Arts Building
1400 College Dr
Waco, TX 76708

A First Look Workshop Production. August 10-13.

Take Part in This Play's History. See a Story That's Never Been Staged.

Meet the Playwright. Share Your Feedback.


Gray is a modern retelling of Oscar Wilde’s A Picture of Dorian Gray. It gives nod to the original story while placing the characters within a contemporary context and bringing issues of power dynamics, consent, and sexual freedom to the forefront.

Purposefully raising more questions than it provides answers, Gray forces audiences to consider who is truly at fault within the tragedy that unfolds. With each choice that is made, it must be decided who is to blame, something which is often far less clear than we would like to think.

With lovers scorned, deaths determined, elicit affairs, blackmail, and unexplained magic, Gray contains all of the palpable tension that has made Oscar Wilde’s novel so beloved, while elevating it in a way that makes it a new story all its own.


CW: strong language, adult situations, violence

Not suitable for children


$18 Thursday Adult (7:30pm)
$15 Thursday Student (7:30pm)
$18 Friday Adult (7:30pm)
$15 Friday Student (7:30pm)
$18 Saturday Adult (7:30pm)
$15 Saturday Student (7:30pm)
$18 Sunday Adult (3:00pm)
$15 Sunday Student (3:00pm)


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