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Sun, July 21, 2024
6:30 PM CT

Cultivate 7Twelve
712 Austin Ave
Waco, TX 76707

Auditioning One Stop-Shop!


Who is this for?

Maybe you're feeling rusty after not having done theatre for awhile. Maybe you audition all the time but just lack some confidence. Maybe you're already amazing at auditions but wnat an inexpensive way to get some top-tier coaching and a headshot to boot! This is going to be a tremendous experience for all experience-levels, and those who attend will have the opportunity to learn from each other as well as those leading the workshop.


What will the evening consist of?

You'll be rotated through 'stations' in groups of attendees. You'll meet with an acting coach, a vocal coach, and a photographer, so that by the end of the night, you'll have a prepped monologue, a prepped song cut, and a headshot all ready to go. A couple hours, and you'll be ready to crush any audition you have your eyes on!


What do you need to come prepared with?

  • a monologue ready to perform
  • if you wanted to get really crazy, you could bring a back-up monologue
  • a 60 second cut of a song, either to sing a cappella or with a track
  • if you don't want to bring a song cut, then definitely bring a second monologue
  • Yourself! And your bright shining face! Oh, and wear something that you want to take a headshot in: i.e. a solid colored or simply patterned shirt or dress (simple is better, the idea is to show off yourself, not your style)


$25 for all of this is unheard of, so sign up now!


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