We are seeking a multitude of accredited certifications, starting first with Wildlife Rehabilitation Certification from ABI and The Human-Animal Bond Certification from the NAVC.

We are SO excited about so many unique opportunities we are creating to live out our mission and serve animals and humans alike. One of the most critical pieces in guaranteeing we are serving to the best of our ability is to ensure we acquire as much relevant knowledge and training as we can. While there is a large list of certifications we intend to pursue, many of which are specific to individual programs we will be rolling out in the future, this particular campaign is to fund the first, and more important, of those two certifications. 


Our goal and hope is to enroll in both these programs during the summer, specifically in June 2021 so they may be completed by September 2021, allowing not only for the next certifications to begin, but also to support and back the start of new programs targeted for 2022. But we need your help to make that happen. 


The first is the Human-Animal Bond Certification through the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC). You can view specific information about this certification here. The cost for this program is $300.


The second is a Wildlife Rehabilitation Certification through the Animal Behavior Institute (ABI), where we will also be pursuing several other certifications. Details on that specific certification can be found here. The cost for each certification program with ABI ranges from $6300-$6750 which includes application fees, all necessary courses, and books/materials. 


Obtaining the knowledge, resources, and certifications available with each of these programs is a massive step forward for The Refuge and one we are exceptionally excited to take. Your generosity is more appreciated than you know, and we are so grateful for every single donation!


Help us get to our next goal!
Education + Certification
This first goal will fund both the NAVC Human-Animal Bond Certification as well as the ABI Wildlife Rehabilitation Certification, two fundamental pieces to ensuring The Refuge is serving in the best and most amazing ways possible.




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