$72,610 raised

Thank you for helping Give Hope A Home. All donations are tax-deductible and will go directly to help fund the most immediate needs at The Pearl House.

Sponsorship Options

$150 Pearl Sponsor

One of our Pearl House residents can receive room and board, including nutritious meals, clothing, toiletries, medical care, security, and a full staff to ensure she has a healthy and successful future. Fulfilling these basic needs is the critical first step in fostering her self-confidence and hope.

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$75 Education Sponsor

One of our Pearl House residents can receive tuition funding, pens, notebooks, textbooks, a uniform and other educational supplies.

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$100 University Sponsor

Funding for a Pearl to support her continued education, whether it be vocational training or University. This covers housing, increased school fees, independent living supplies, and subject materials.

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$60 Career Sponsor

One of our promising Career Center students can receive two meals/day, vocational school supplies/materials for her general language and business courses, a sewing machine and instructor funding.

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$40 Classroom Sponsor

Funding for Pearl House Academy teacher salaries and certifications, furnishings, utilities, instructional materials, printing supplies and other classroom necessities.

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