Unity at The Table: Thanks With Giving 2023
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Unity at the Table: Thanks with Giving


Denver Feed-A-Family 2023: In Honor of Daddy Bruce Randolph


At the heart of this endeavor is our theme for this year, "Unity at the Table: Thanks With Giving," which symbolizes a collective act of kindness and sharing and extending our tables to include those who might otherwise go without. With a history steeped in community and upliftment, The Epworth Foundation has been unyielding in its mission to bring stability, opportunity, and a sense of community to those who walk through our doors, particularly during trying times. 


The foundation is mobilizing its forces with a target to raise $400K to feed 5,000 families, ensuring that the essence of Thanksgiving is palpable in every home, especially those facing adversities. 


In a time where stability can be elusive, the Epworth Foundation stands as a beacon of hope, supporting between 10,000 and 12,000 individuals and families annually. With over 50,000 Thanksgiving Baskets distributed since 2003 and continuous programs aimed at youth development and emergency assistance, the foundation demonstrates an unwavering commitment to upholding the dignity and enhancing the life quality of those it serves. 

Please Nominate by nominating someone in need.


Please Donate by contributing your time or finances, whether large or small; everything counts.


Please Celebrate by joining us on Saturday, November 18th.

(1865 Bruce Randolph Ave. Denver, CO 80205)



We could not make this event happen without people like you!


Giving Options

$250 Feeds 5 Families
$500 Feeds 10 Families
$750 Feeds 15 Families
$1,000 Feeds 20 Families

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