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Sat, May 01 12:30 PM CST
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May is Mental Health Month

Everyone wants good mental health! Help provide financial assistance for those who need it.


Our fundraising event is over, but the need remains! Because of the pandemic more people are without jobs or insurance, and now, more than ever, need a therapist who can navigate the changes with them.  Samaritan Counseling Center has provided people with a place to go, no matter their ability to pay, and we need your help to meet the needs of this challenging time. Now, more than ever, your donation can make the difference in someone's life who is struggling to cope.

Here are some facts about Samaritan that might help you make a generous decision:

  1. We help about 1,700 individuals every year achieve mental wellness
  2. Over 24% are children 3-17 years old, many come in as couples or families, and about half are individuals working through difficult circumstances.
  3. More people than ever have required financial assistance. We will provide about $150,000 in sliding scale and fee scholarships.
  4. This year more people than ever have called for help with anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts, and other challenging issues.
  5. We partner with dozens of agencies, corporations, foundations and individuals to build healthy, happy, collaborative communities.
  6. Samaritan is growing to meet the demand for mental health care and we need your help! We have 18 therapists specializing in many disciplines, meeting with all ages and stages of life.

Samaritan Counseling Center provides hope, help, and healing through professional counseling and psychiatry to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families throughout the Northwest Suburbs. Our vision is to improve mental and emotional wellbeing by providing excellent, caring counseling and psychiatry, building resiliency skills, integrating mindfulness and/or spirituality and offering mental health education throughout the communities we serve.

THANK YOU for your generosity!

Giving Levels

$10,000 Samaritan Angels

There are angels among us! This impact gift will fund counseling for a family of three for an entire year, or 3 hours a week of open, drop-in counseling for a year. Giving at this level would change so many lives! You will also receive free admission to all workshops for a year, and the opportunity to name a horse in our virtual video Derby race.

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$5,000 Samaritan Saints

When the saints come in, the magic happens! A gift at this level will provide five parenting workshops free of charge, or three months of therapy for a family of 5. You will also receive free admission to all workshops for the year.

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$1,000 Super Samaritans

Supermen and Superwomen move mountains to make a way for those who need counseling to receive good care! Giving at this level will provide a family with valuable tools for honest communication or relationship repair. You will also receive free admission to all workshops for the year. 

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$500 Good Samaritans

Everyone knows the story of the Good Samaritan, who helped the man in need that everyone else ignored. Your generosity could do just that for someone who has been beaten down by the virus, or blindsided by emotions. Are  you able to lift someone up with a gift of this amount?

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$100 Silent Samaritans

Our most frequent level of giving, these faithful, steadfast supporters have provided Silent Samaritan funds since we opened our doors in 2008. Collectively, Silent Samaritans help us provide emergency funds for those who lose their jobs and insurance. Thank you for being part of the hope, help and healing at Samaritan!

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Every dollar matters, and helps us deliver vital services to those who are hurting with the invisible pain of mental illness. Please give at whatever level you are able, and THANK YOU for caring!

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