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Samaritan Counseling Center
Everyone deserves good mental health and access to it! Help provide financial assistance for those in need.
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About Samaritan Counseling Center

Q: Where do you go for outstanding, seasoned therapists who are cross-trained in multiple disciplines, provide effective treatment options, use positive, client-focused inquiry, in a safe, encouraging environment?

A: Samaritan Counseling Center

Q: Where do you find a counseling center that takes most major insurance, does pre-certification of benefits, sees people from 3 to 103, and can schedule different family members with different counselors for the best family care?

A: Samaritan Counseling Center

Q: Where do you go for counseling if you're between jobs, between insurance policies, or between a rock and a hard place regarding finances?

A. Samaritan Counseling Center

Samaritan is a rare blend of excellent, licensed psychologists, social workers and professional counselors who have their own specialties, collaborate with their colleages on best practices, take insurance and also take those who are uninsured or underinsured, because the mission of providing hope, help, and healing extends to those with financial need. That's where our amazing donors come in!  Samaritan delivered $130,000 of services to over 300 clients last year, which would not have happened without the support of community philanthropists and grant-making organizations like United Way, and our community foundations. 

THANK YOU for recognizing the importance of mental wellness, and helping kids, adults,couples, and families get the help they need!






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