Change From The Bottom Up

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With 1 in 3 American families reporting their diapering needs are remaining unmet, this is not a need we can ignore. Coming face-to-face with these statistics motivated STWF to do something.


An adequate supply of diapers may prove to be a tangible way of reducing parenting stress and increasing parenting sense of competency, enabling parents to be more sensitive with their children, and thereby improving parenting quality and overall child outcomes,



Giving Options

$1,000Month's Worth of Diapers
Supplies a month's worth of diapers for a home visit program, such as Nurse Family Partnership
$500Stock diaper closet at a homeless center
This amount helps to stock a diaper closet at a homeless family day center.
$250Provides diapers to parent support group
Provides Diapers to a parent support group for one month
$100Diapers durning Ministry
Provides diapers for local churches that provide ministry outreach
$50Months Supply
This provides a full month supply of diapers and wipes for a baby




Non-Profit Donations Tax Deductible