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Mission Monarch: Supporting local youth, local monarchs and local milkweed all across Southern California!

Helping Local Youth and Monarch Butterfly Populations

Join Mission Monarch as we seek to restore local Monarch and Milkweed populations in Southern California while employing local youth!  Mission Monarch, a project launched by SAMOFund in 2021, provides a meaningful wage to 2 local youth while empowering them and their communities to help Southern California monarch populations.  The youth-led goals we have reached in 2021 and are reaching for in 2022 include:

  • Organize the collection and cleaning of over 1 million Narrowleaf Milkweed seed (Asclepias fascicularis) annually

  • Help idenitfy and document new and known milkweed populations in the Santa Monica Mountains of all 3 local  milkweed species (A. eriocapra, A.   fascicularis, A. californica)

  • Help grow and distribute live milkweed plants and clean seed to over 1,000 Southern California households annually, provided to the public free of charge

  • Engage with the public at local festivals, conferences, etc to promote local milkweed and best practices for welcoming monarchs into local gardens

  • Work with local schools and youth groups to provide age-appropriate lessons covering local monarch and milkweed populations

  •  Organize, promote and produce the annual Southern California Monarch & Milkweed Conference, provided to the public free of charge

Our Impact

  • Collecting over 2 million Narrowleaf Milkweed seed

  • Creating 1500 connections sharing the importance of Milkweed and Monarchs

  • Connect with over 200 local middle school students utilizing next generation science standards to develop and lead science lesson

  • Travel to over a dozen farmers markets in Los Angeles and Ventura counties

  • Highlight the importance of human interaction with milkweed by utilizing Traditional Ecological Knowledge to support butterfly habitat

  • Participate in local Monarch and Milkweed working groups to collaborate with outside organizations and share findings

  • Serve as liaisons for Girl Scouts of Central Valley programming and habitat development

  • Create short form video content to reach young audiences and inspire conservation

Mission Monarch is a project led by SAMOFund, a non-profit organization that works to protect and encourage appreciation and understanding of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.  Visit our non-profit website, samofund.org, for more information about our non-profit and the work we do in and around the Santa Monica Mountains!


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