We see catastrophic events every day in the world. In 2010, Port au Prince, Haiti experienced a devastating 7.0 earthquake that killed thousands and displaced millions from their homes, including children. 

On August 14, 2021, Haiti experienced yet another devastating earthquake. The missing and presumed dead, as well as those who have been confirmed dead, continue to rise. We, here, in the United States want to help.

Our “LUV FOR HAITI” campaign to raise funds in the amount of $100,000 will help with food, shelter, clothing, medical supplies, clean water, and other essential items that will help so many.

We encourage and need your support. Please consider sharing to help lend a hand up to the Haitian people. Thank you all in advance, we appreciate any amount large or small. Let us make a conscious effort to help those in Haiti who are in need of our financial and moral support. 


Help us get to our next goal!
Phase 1
Luv For Haiti has taken great care in using lessons learned from our response during the 2010 Earthquake and the spread of COVID-19 to plan our short-term (next 3 months) and long-term response (next 24 months) to this disaster. As always, we are fundamentally committed to adhering to the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and good governance as we put our resources to use to support children, parents, and grandparents in Haiti as they navigate these challenging times.

Giving Options

$1 Friend Of Haiti

Our goal is to purchase, import, and distribute medication, medical supplies, medical equipment, and PPE to support our government, non-government, and private medical partners. A majority of the supplies will include antibiotics, wound care supplies, wheelchairs, surgical supplies, personal hygiene kits, first aid supplies, diabetes medication, de-worming medication, blood pressure medication, birthing kits, and prenatal vitamins. (Estimated program cost is $20,000 USD can create 235 care packages @ $85 per person of supplies distributed)

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$100 Partner Of Haiti

Rubble removal and rehabilitation of homes, schools, sanitation blocks, and healthcare facilities in rural and urban communities by hiring and sourcing only local Haitian construction firms and workers. ($4.8 million or $100,000 per community)

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$5,000 Supporter Of Haiti

Provide 3,000 micro-grants, 60 loans, financial literacy classes, and digital currency education to school teachers, small and medium-sized businesses with the support of blockchain-enabled cash transfers. (Estimated program cost is $600,000, or $200 per micro-grant, $1,200,000, or $20,000 per loan, and $100,000 for education and training for a total of $1,900,000)

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$10,000 Provider Of Haiti

Distribution of 45,000 Home Water Filtration Systems to families in rural and urban areas who lack access to clean drinking water, and who are at risk of contracting waterborne illnesses such as giardia, E.coli, cholera, and other parasites. This will impact access to clean water for 225,000 Haitians. (Estimated program cost is $2,925,000 USD, or $65 per filtration unit distributed)

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$25,000 Benefactor Of Haiti

With a population of about 3,882,632 people, our goal is to boost and support the increase for Primary Care Providers to 3,120 which would meet the recommended doctor to patient ratio of 80 doctors to 100,000 constituents. In terms of health care spending, Haiti ranks last in the western hemisphere. Economic instability has limited any growth in this area. Per capita, Haiti spends about US$83 annually on health care. There are 25 physicians and 11 nurses per 100,000 population. In the interim, we'll provide medication & supplies, referrals, and health education for children, parents, and grandparents at Luv for Haiti’s partner infirmaries and through mobile clinics conducted by Haitian doctors and nurses. (Estimated program cost is $1,400,000 USD, or $28 per consultation at 50,0000 consultations annually)

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$100,000 Special Recognition

Luv For Haiti proposes plans for the rebuilding of Haiti. It is our goal to develop 10 compounds in rural and urban communities by hiring and sourcing only local Haitian construction firms and workers. ($3.4 million or $340,000 per compound)

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